Better insight to incite with.

Our Garner Associates program management system goes far beyond tracking points and reward redemption. Garner Associates gives you the meaningful insight you need to manage your incentive programs, make decisions and maximize your ROI.

Garner Associates offers an unprecedented level of sophistication, empowering administrators with top down reporting, multiple management tiers and multiple business units — all while accommodating complex program indicators.

With one comprehensive, feature-rich technology platform, address a variety of reward and recognition programs: Employee recognition, customer loyalty and channel incentives.

Organize participants by business unit, location, department, team, shift, manager, job title — any grouping you desire.

Easily track multiple and disparate KPIs across business units. For instance, all participants may be part of the Employee Attendance Program, with only a subset involved in the Safety Program. Or, you might have separate safety programs for the maintenance department, housekeeping and food service, with different KPIs for each. Garner Associates makes it easy to manage overlapping participants and goals, and conduct effective, real-time analysis sliced and diced as you require.

“Is my program working?”

With Garner Associates, administrators have instant access to all kinds of information about program status, such as:
  • Number of points issued for a period, with details by KPI and/or organizational unit
  • Performance metrics (for example, understand progress toward goals based on number of points awarded for KPIs met)
  • Redemption rates and detailed redemption history
  • Most popular rewards items selected
  • And much more.
  Garner Associates features an intuitive interface and access to detailed program activity reports. Reporting follows the program hierarchy, and can be filtered according to business unit, KPI or date range down to individual participants. Administrator login is controlled according to authorization level.
Simplified Data Entry

As program participants come and go, changes are handled quickly and effortlessly. You may enter new participants manually, in a few clicks, or send us all the data in a file. When participants leave the program, you can change their status to “terminated,” retaining their program data for reporting and analysis.

The same goes for program data. Based on your needs, you can enter point award data directly through the Admin web site. Or you can provide point or activity data to us via file feed for deposit into participant accounts or for further processing.

Integrated Email Communication

Does reporting indicate that your program needs a jump-start? Perhaps progress toward KPIs is slowing down, or redemption rates need revving. Through Garner Associates, you can send off a quick note to participants to re-engage them. Run a “seasonal” special, or highlight new items that have been added to the catalog. Garner Associates helps you keep the program relevant and fresh. Plus, use email communications to welcome new participants, and remind existing participants to redeem the points they’ve worked so hard to earn.
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