Q: What makes you different from other incentive companies?
A: INmarketing Group is foremost a team of experienced incentive professionals. We are by no means the biggest in the industry, but our size allows us to react quickly and easily adapt to our customers needs. We approach each opportunity by first understanding your business environment, then we discuss the objectives of the program, collaborate with you to devise strategies, administration procedures and communications plans. Finally we customize a program for your company to meet and exceed your goals.

Q: We have a variety of participant groups with unique objectives. Can you assure us that all of these needs can be addressed?
A: Absolutely. Our online applications feature the flexibility and scalability to create different participant groups. By simply entering the proper User ID and password, each group can access a program with unique point-earning activities, rules, reports, graphics and awards all within one program.

Q: How are performances tracked and reported?
A: Quite simply if we can capture the information we can report it. INm has the most comprehensive reporting in the industry. We can provide a variety of graphs and charts to easily track performances, and allow the reports to be exported to a spreadsheet for in depth analysis. This allows our clients to measure the success of each program and determine their ROI.

Q: Don’t incentive programs lose their excitement after a while and how do you prevent that from happening?
A: Good question – very simply Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. We believe that in order to maintain enthusiasm and excitement in a program you must create a dialogue with the participants. We offer a variety of communication tools including Can-Spam compliant email blasts, online newsletters, surveys, quizzes and the ability to announce newsworthy information on the site.

Q: What types of programs have you produced for your clients?
A: There is really no limit to the types of programs we can develop to reward performances. We have created Sales Incentive Programs for direct sales forces and dealer/distributors, Customer Loyalty Programs, Training Reward Programs, Lead Generation Programs, Employee Recognition Programs, Mentoring Programs and Service Award Programs.

Q: What types of awards do you offer in your awards catalog?
A: Our awards catalog features over 2,000 brand named products and travel packages. The awards vary from consumer electronics to sporting goods to jewelry to house wares. The online catalog can be modified to add additional products including imprinted merchandise, gift certificates and debit cards.

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